As a consultant, I offer the following services to individuals, governments, NGOs and private companies: advice on setting up inclusive policies & infrastructure, research (different themes), program evaluations, grant application writing, policy analysis, as well as academic writing & reporting.


Thematically, I am interested in and have written about:

    • Disability
    • Health
  • Higher Education
  • Migration
  • International Politics
  • Qualitative Research
  • Research Methods

Policy Analysis, Program Evaluations & Grant applications

I analyse and evaluate projects, grant applications and policy documents. I also determine the strength and weaknesses (i.e. their implications to the beneficiaries, the society and the organisations), identify gaps and provide recommendations for further revision of the policies. I offer advice on grant application writing.

Academic Writing & Reporting

I offer purpose tailored guidance on the styles of written expressions from conception to completion.

  • Dissertations
  • Academic Articles
  • Book Proposals
  • Book Chapters